Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delaware Water Gap, Pa

Zach and I took a mini vacation after my return from Oregon and Californina up to the Delaware Water Gap only a couple hours from both of us. We had a great time seeing waterfalls, old houses, cute towns, and lots of stairs.
Dingman's Falls, near where my first house use to be.

We tried so many times to get the waterfall in the shot this is the best one you can see a little water up there in the corner.

We were a little worried that by the time we finally got up to the area the trees where past their peak but we found lots of color and by the end of the first day I began to start wishing I had brought my good camera rather than the point and shoot.

There were some pretty amazing colors up there, East Coast falls are great.

Bushkill Falls, they were pretty impressive and worth the 10 dollars I didn't want to spend.

Half way through the first of two or three sets of these I was greatful that I had brought my point and shoot not the big nikon.

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